Hi! I’m Nikki and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I’m passionate about travel and believe that it’s one of the only things in life that you can buy that gives you something back. My goal is to encourage people to take advantage of the travel opportunities before them. There will always be a million reasons and excuses on why you can’t go, but I guarantee that there are solutions for all those reasons.

When I was in high school my school offered exchange programs to other schools around the world. I really wanted the 3 month exchange to South Africa. But I thought I wouldn’t get it, that my grades weren’t good enough. Especially when I heard another student was applying for the same exchange. So I convinced my self that I didn’t really want it. That it meant I would miss part of softball season. I regretted it.

Then University rolls around and once again, exchange opportunities abound. This time I really wanted to go on an exchange to Australia, in tropical North Queensland. Miss winter in Canada? What could go wrong? But then I heard that the Australia exchanges were the most competitive, and again I convinced myself that my grades weren’t good enough. It would be too much of a hassle working out class schedules and living arrangements. So instead of going on an exchange I stayed behind while two of my room mates went away, one to Quebec, and one to India.

Finally, by my final year of University I had had enough. I was ready for adventure, excuses be damned. So I began to plan, and plan, and plan (I’m a bit of an over planner…). In 2010 I set off on my adventure, and never looked back. If you want to read more about my travel story you can find it HERE.

The point isn’t that I missed out on those early opportunities, it’s that there will always be a reason why you can’t do something. I think it’s great that in Australia and the UK there’s a real gap year culture, that travelling abroad is seen as a developmental milestone for a young person. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a year abroad, and you don’t necessarily have to be 20 to take advantage of it. My goal is to use this site to highlight the world of opportunities waiting out there for you, and hopefully encourage a few people to take the leap.

You can also find me on Instagramm @strayearth1, on my personal blog flimsylion.wordpress.com or through this website. I’m always looking for people willing to share their personal travel stories.

Hope we can connect.


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